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Magz Candy Manzanilla

22 (dec. 9). Artist. 🇩🇴. Disabled/ND. Black Mestizo. They/He. Taken.

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About Me

I’m a disabled young adult in poverty.
I make illustrations and write, i do freelance and temp work.

I post my creations, my interests, and social issues. PG-13 at most, usually PG.

I do art commissions + Receive donations!

I have various mental and physical health issues that complicate my situation.

I’ll block/ignore if you’re a creep!

Don't interact or follow me if:

You're right-wing/conservative, "pro-life", autism speaks supporter (Autism $peaks have killed and abused autistic children), etc.
You're a "traditionalist"/"alt-right"/"national socialist" (nazi = Nationalsozialist) /populist/pro-fascist, anarchist capitalist, or capitalist
You're a SWERF or TERF
Primarily have NSFW or kink on your social media account

Language proficiency

Español 4/5⭐️
English 5/5⭐️
日本語/にほんご 1.5/5⭐️
Will learn Russian and Tagalog!


General and Miscellaneous use
Art and Creation

Friend Codes

Cookie Run: PGCZF5839 + invite codeFate Grand Order: 586,301,416Zepeto: KEAONX

my zepeto based on me

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My Interests, space, music, lovecore, art stuff, ball-jointed dolls, cute things, food, my comfort characters.


Series: Cutey Honey, BNHA, JJBA, Marvel (MCU), Persona, Pokemon, Splatoon, ...Nintendo...Misc.: Tech+Programming, Art, Cooking, Nature, Media Analysis, Aesthetic.

Comfort Characters
I am attached to these / think they're really neat

In order of images:
Calne Ca, Hatsune Miku, Cutie Honey/Honey Kisaragi, Jolyne Cujoh, Beatrice Ushiromiya, Aigis, Pearl + Marina, Dratini, Gardevoir, Vulpix, Guido Mista, Josuke Higashikata, Alluka/Nanika Zoldyck, Haku, Chun li, Iris Black

Some of these I don't watch/read/play the series of anymore, but still.

Google Forms to Solicit a Commission
Check my website for more info

Art Commission
These are estimations, and not final! Check google forms if interested!
Sketch ~$8+Simple ~$35+Fully Rendered ~$60+Complex ~$120+

More Information

Half payment at start, half at end through paypal invoice after commission request is accepted and the price for the piece is confirmed. Contact is needed to show progress of Commission.No refunds, payment is for my service, not only the product. Price is in USD.No nsfw/incestuous/pedophilic/racist/etc content. I reserve the right to turn down a commission requestContact on twitter, tumblr , or email if interested or have any questions.

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